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Maria's Jewelry Designs and Crafts is a business own by its owner Maria, who focus its interest in the creation of innovative different and unique jewelry designs. She is originally from Puerto Rico.

My jewelry designs collection is divided in:

  • "The Fire Collection Designs"
  • "The Earth Collection Designs"
  • "The Metal Collection Designs"
  • "The Water Collection Designs"
  • "The Wood Collection Designs"
  • "The Angels Collections Designs"
  • "The Clay Collections Designs"

All of my Jewelry Collection Designs are unique in style and non repetitive. They are mainly oriented to any women who want to be free in style, innovative, creative and unique. Women who want to express themselves freely through what they wear and by their unique personalities. The artist divided her collection like this in order to be able to show her passion for nature and angels.

Every element in nature influence our energy fields in a unique way.I want to make women aware of the great miracle of life. Any way of life is unique and special in its own form and it should be treated with honor and respect just because of what it is "a life". Each unique jewelry piece is individually handmade with love, true passion and positive energy. I also create my individual jewelry bags and tags by decorating them with 100% Moon rock decorative tree free paper. I want to make women aware that all people in the planet should take good care of mother nature and use its natural resources in a wise and ethical way.

Each handmade jewelry piece use eco-oriented materials like: crystal, glass, bone, wood, natural seeds, non-toxic lead-free clay, lead and niquel free beads , organic semi-precious beads, stone beads, natural shell beads, coconut seeds, leather jewelry cords, 100% cotton jewelry cords, stainless steal and pewter.The Moon rock paper could be re-used for notes and scrap booking. I would like to hear from you and share positive up-lifting messages. For Maria having a higher quality of life and contribute to the consumer well-being and environment is one of her highest priorities when she created a unique jewelry piece and craft with love.

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